community projects


Scholarship Program

We believe everyone deserves an opportunity and education is the door that opens the world.  The Latitude Foundation supports students from kindergarten through university level by providing scholarships to cover educational expenses.

Unlike many university scholarship programs, ours requires that students agree to fund scholarships in the amount of 50% of the scholarships they have received, and they have to do so within 5 years of graduation. This, we believe, leads to cultural empowerment and allows for the scholarship recipients to become future leaders of the foundation. Scholarship program director David Cachimuel brings a sense of cultural pride, responsibility and connection to the program. Having been a scholarship recipient himself, he knows first hand the power of education and its ability to stop intergenerational poverty.


Language Classes

Maggie is a seasoned teacher of both English and Spanish, and finds her calling in the classroom. She excels at teaching the ins and outs of grammar in a refreshing way. Gwyn is learning the ropes to teaching English as a second language and primarily focuses on writing in English, and conversational English courses. Once we have the ability to hire teachers, or receive volunteers who have ESL experience, we hope to open up to other members of the community. 


Medical Grants

In an area where medical needs often lead to increased poverty, the Latitude Foundation provides medical grants to help with the high cost of these services. 


  Community Acupuncture Clinic

Founded within the Ministry of Education, Latitude Foundation is permitted to provide acupuncture services to its scholarship recipients, their families, and any other students or grantees of the foundation. However, we are currently trudging through some bureaucratic processes to get Gwyn’s US degree recognized. In the future we hope to be able to have students from the U.S. come down for internships in return for help with student debt payments. Gwyn has witnessed that acupuncture is an especially effective medical treatment for many common ailments and the culture here is very open to alternative forms of medicine.                 

We are excited to watch all of our programs take shape. If you’re interested in being involved or supporting our efforts, please feel free to contact us to see what impact you are able to have.

If you would like to donate to help us fund our projects, click here. We appreciate every penny we receive.